My life, my food, my soul, that is be Manu...

The kitchen entered in my life like an overwhelming love. It is from this place and its connection that I understand how is to live better and, I have strengthened my proud of where I come from and where I live. Looking back I can see that everything makes sense now. I couldn't be in another place other than Manu's kitchen. All my life experience reconnected me with the kitchen which was always present even without realizing it. From my father I´ve got the farm knowledge, from my mother I´ve got the sea; and from my daughters I´ve got the desire of changing.

Manu Buffara

For me cooking is an expression of love, knowledge, technique, authenticity and respect. Respect for the product, for the farmer, for the chef, for my apron and my family. My relationship with the vegetables is deep because they are my inspiration. I believe that we can change the diet of a nation by taking small actions which begins on the earth and inside our houses.

I fight for the quality of the food, for the diversity and for the work of our local farmers from our state.

My food is a way of defending my philosophy and a way of telling a story.